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Soundboards pulled from archive.org

Since visibleink brought it up, I realized nobody's posted about the SBDs getting pulled... Figured this merits an entire post rather than a comment, so here's the original announcement. Also, there's text from a petition (which is probably as pointless as all online petitions, but I thought it was well said. It's all rather lengthy so it's .
The Internet Archive has worked with tapers, tape
traders, funders, admins, and over 1000 bands
to build a great non-commercial music library that is freely accessible.
Technically and policy-wise, it has been invigorating as you can probably appreciate.
We have made changes in the past and we will make changes again.

Following the policies of the Grateful Dead and the Dead communities
we have provided non-commercial access to thousands of great concerts.
Based on discussions with many involved, the Internet Archive has been asked
to change how the Grateful Dead concert recordings are being distributed
on the Archive site for the time being. The full collection will remain safe
in the Archive for preservation purposes.

Here is the plan:

Audience recordings are available in streaming format (m3u).

Soundboard recordings are not available.

And from the petition:

So here is our resolution. You want to change the rules as you go along, so will we. We don’t care anymore; We’ve lost all respect for this organization. Between the utter disgust of your decisions with Jerry’s guitars, and now taking away our access to the music we care about most, we refuse to support any aspect of GDM until we see change. No more CD’s, no more tickets, no more merchandise. We ask all deadheads to join us in this protest.

GDM, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Have you forgotten all you have taught us?

If you plant ice
Your gonna harvest wind
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