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Without a warning.....

Why does it seem so many of the younger crowd that to get into the Grateful Dead via Phish WSP and such tend to not like Pigpen and the Pigpen years?

Can anyone explain this or has anyone noticed this trend?
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I can only speak for myself the 24 year old, but while Phish was on my route to the Dead, it's not like I was a huge fan of them. I liked Phish in a casual way, and knew in that pop culture collective unconscious kind of way that the Dead were like them.

So I got the Skeletons from the Closet best of album because that's what the used CD store had. And I immediately gravitated towards the live recording of Lovelight. The bulk of the shows I've downloaded are from that late 60s, early 70s era, and the ones I like best.
Awesome, I think it's great how many bands lead people to the Grateful Dead, I was the other way around - I love Phish, MMW, moe., SCI, all sorts of "jam" bands.
Well I'm 17, and I was the other way around. I got into the Dead first and then that led me to Panic and Phish and the whole jamband scene.
Maybe it's because my first album was Aoxomoxoa, but my favorite years were and still are the 60's and early 70's and Pigpen is definately one of my favorite members. Personally I think Anthem Of The Sun and Aoxomoxoa are the two best albums in the history of the Dead and I think if it weren't for Pigpen, the Dead wouldn't be what it became.
I am almost 22 now and have been twirling in the mud at Dead shows since I was old enough to stand. I love love love Pigpen, but that's maybe 'cause my Dad did too. I also really loved Brent though. Who knows? Everyone is different.

TM xox
Pig Pen was the best man! I saw the Dead at the Filmore East in 1968 with Pig Pen. They were GREAT!!! If these youngsters can't relate well,that's their loss .All I can say is that it was very special night with the Dead in the middle of the Lindsey snow storm and ,oh yes, Janis Joplin also played that night with the Full tilt Boogie Band. and I think, the original Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green opened up. The acid was free that night and in great abundance .The show started at around 9 pm and it was just begining to turn daylight when it was over. I miss Pig Pen!
I'm 17 and I dig the pig.