Ed Hintz (ehintz) wrote in thebus,
Ed Hintz

Bobby on the whole archive.org thing


(following is my personal opinion, and y'all know the saying about opinions...) Honestly, he kinda sounds dumb about it. All but admits that it's because they want to protect the revenue stream, while trying to cover it up with the red herring of obtaining permission for cover tunes from the authors(which, IANAL, but it makes no sense to me that auds are ok but sbds aren't; either archive.org can or cannot distribute). From where I sit, if it was OK to trade sbds in the old days, then it's ok to have 'em online. But I guess I'm one of those "info wants to be free" types that Bobby was ridiculing. Me? I figure if Bobby needs income, he can go play a gig rather than sit and grow fat on past copyrights and achievements. But whatever.
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