visibleink (visibleink) wrote in thebus,

The music did stop, but started back up again?

Complete recordings of Grateful Dead concerts should once again be available at the online Internet Archive (—perhaps as early as tonight. According to Grateful Dead spokesman Dennis McNally, the removal on November 22 of all downloadable Dead recordings from was the result of "a great communication snafu."
"It is my understanding that by the end of the day, the audience tapes will be restored to," McNally said by phone.


We at now realize that our mistaken attempts to move quickly were based on what we thought the Grateful Dead wanted. For this we apologize both to the Grateful Dead and their community. There has been a great deal of reaction, our actions have caused more than necessary.

I haven't been able to pull up to verify this. But this makes me happy beyond belief, even if it's just the AUDs. is getting smashed but people have confirmed that the AUDs are up for download and the SBDs for stream!!!! Let's return the kind gesture by buying a Dicks Picks or 5!
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